Shell Control Pack ActiveX
Version 2.6a for Visual Studio .NET, Visual Basic 6, VB.NET, C#, Visual C++ 6, and other languages supporting ActiveX controls (Windows 95/98/ME/NT4/2000/XP/2003/Vista)

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.NET Support
Includes pre-built, strong-named assemblies are provided (suitable for installing to the Global Assembly Cache), including merge-modules for easier deployment.

Note that the Shell Control Pack ActiveX version 2 does not require the Microsoft® .NET™ framework at design-time or run-time.

Thumbnail View in PTxShList control
PTxShList control thumbnail viewThumbnail view shows mini-document previews in the PTxShList control itself.

Ole Drag-and-Drop Events
New events support drag-drop operations:
  • OnOleCompleteDrag
  • OnOleDragDrop
  • OnOleDragOver
  • OnOleGiveFeedback
  • OnOleStartDrag
The new PTxDataObject class makes accessing drag/drop data easier.

Windows XP Theme Support

GlyFx High-Color Toolbar Images
All the Shell Control Pack ActiveX installations now include these excellent high-color toolbar images from GlyFx.
GlyFx toolbar images
Please note that the preview image is not actual size, and has been highly compressed.

Shell Menu Customization
Customized Shell MenuShell menus can be easily modified with the PTxContextMenu class, OnBeforeShellMenuPopup event and OnAfterShellMenuSelection event.

Merging Custom Items
A PTxShList control with a merged custom itemNon-shell items can be merged into the lists for the PTxShList and PTxShTree controls.

Custom items can have context menus, and participate in drag-and-drop actions.

OnBeforeCheck / OnAfterCheck Events
A PTxShTree control with checkboxesNew events make it even easier to produce checkbox-based interfaces in the PTxShList and PTxShTree controls.

New Example Projects
All the example projects are new, and are available in Visual Basic 6, Visual Basic .NET and C# versions.

Windows Installer Merge Modules
Windows Installer Merge Modules are included for easier deployment.

The scpax-v2.msm module contains the ActiveX control.

The scpax-v2-dotnet.msm installs strong-named .NET assemblies, which are only necessary if you use the .NET framework.

New Information Properties for Items
The PTxShComboItem, PTxShListItem and PTxShTreeNode objects now have new information properties:
Property Attributes Gets the Windows Shell attribute bits for the file or folder.
Property IsCustom Gets a value indicating if the item or node is a shell item, or custom item.
Property Size Gets the size of a file in bytes, as a 32-bit signed integer.
Property Size64 Gets the size of a file in bytes, as a 64-bit signed integer.
Property IsFileSystem Gets a value indicating if the node or item is part of the filesystem - either folder or file.
Property IsFileSystemAncestor Gets a value indicating if the node or item is an ancestor of filesystem items.
Property IsFolder Gets a value which indicates if the node or item is a folder (including non-filesystem folders).
Property IsFile Gets a value indicating if the node or item is a filesystem file.

See the full list of changes here.

Overview New In Version 2Downloads Ordering FAQ